Dina De Melo

Dina has been working in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years. Her success can be directly attributed to her passion for helping others, commitment to action and perseverance. Dina’s diverse background in sales, purchasing and leasing provides a trust and certainty that has successfully become the foundation of her success. Dina has succeeded in bringing a unique approach to her industry – tailoring solutions to her client’s individual needs and preferences which echo her personal and professional values.

A Real Estate career first peeked Dina’s interests when her family decided to purchase and sell their family home. Throughout the process she found that there was a lack of clarity and commitment which in turn created a negative experience for everyone involved. Dina had a vision that if she was to embark in a real estate career she would take a different approach, an approach that would ensure a positive experience for all involved. She was determined to establish a reputation based on trust, and ultimately building long standing relationships.

In an industry fueled by tight timelines, she ensures that her clients have the necessary guidance, support, and detailed information to make an informed decision, she strives to make sure their experience is a rewarding one. It is this expertise that really sets her apart from her competitors.